Your Future with the Hamburg Lines Men

We are looking constantly for new colleagues! If you are interested in a diversified and interesting Job in the Port of Hamburg, you are at the right place. We educate our employees with our partners in a three year period to a full so called „Hafenschiffer“ which allows work as a Mooring Man and to operate our Mooring Tugs. The license you get at the end oft he education is the „Hafenpatent“.

But also carrier changer are heavily invited: In our own HLM Academy we lead you also in about 4 years to a complete Mooring Man also with the Hafenpatent at the end oft he education.

Additionally we operate a 24/7/365 Disposition which coordinate the teams. Also for this section we are looking constantly for new colleagues and educate you to a complete controller and scheduler.

IHK - Certification

Training as a social responsibility: We train young people for working life and in this way we create highly qualified employees for our company.

Since 2014 we are an officially acknowledged training enterprise of the Hamburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Based on what is referred to as the dual system, practical vocational training is given at work, backed up by theoretical training and general education provided in vocational training schools which are generally attended on one or two days a week.