Head Office


The head office is located in the heart of the Hamburg Port in the well known building at Köhlbrand. From there every site in the area of the Hamburg Port is easily accessible. Also the ships reporting service will have its place of business at the Köhlbrand shortly.

On the premises are our own waterbeds and a shipyard which allows us to keep our equipment fully operational around the clock. We currently have four boats, seven modern mooring cars and four passenger cars.


Be sure - we secure!

HLM Schiffsbefestiger-Homebase Hamburg

 "Ahead of Moorwerder, at River-Kilometer 609 (the German Kilometrage begins at the Czech Border) the River Elbe divides into two courses of the River: The Northern-Elbe and the Southern-Elbe.


HLM Schiffsbefestiger-Office Hamburg

For seventeen Kilometers the stream of the River stays divided, before the Northern-Elbe and Köhlbrand (that is the name of the Southern-Elbe in the further course) meet in Altenwerder. " *

Mooring vehicle Fleet



On land are in operation the so called Mooring-Cars. Over a hydraulic capstan head it is possible to heave the partially very heavy ropes of the sea-going vessels to the pier.




On water we operate with small, flexible and speedy Mooring-Tug, which are in use while mooring on dolphins and pole sites.

For emergency situations: our highspeed hard shell boat


When there is no time to spare or the traffic density does not allow a rapid achievement of the terminal again, the HLM employees get into a hard shell boat which can reach all moorings over the waterway within minutes.

The Hamburg Lines Men are the only provider with special permission to ride in the harbor with 55 knots.


Water Transportation


For the supply and delivery of goods for seagoing vessels the motor-barge "Moni" is in service. The barge is able to load 20 tons and is also available 24/7.

For suppliers also a storage area is on site to collect multiple transport goods. Also heaps over 20 tons can be delivered to sea-going vessels via bigger transportation barges.